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The Relationship Between The Traditional Light Emitting Diode Material And Color

Shenzhen Duyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2018
LED materialsMaterial Chemical formulaColor

Gallium arsenide gallium arsenide gallium phosphide phosphorus phosphide gallium aluminum phosphide  (doped zinc oxide)

AlGaAs GaAsP AlGaInP GaP: ZnORed and infrared

Gallium (iii) Indium gallium nitride/gallium phosphate gallium phosphide indium aluminum phosphide gallium phosphate

InGaN/GaN GaP AlGaInP algapGreen

Gallium phosphide gallium arsenide phosphide phosphide indium Gallium-aluminum phosphide

GAASPALGAINP AlGaInP GaPHigh brightness orange, orange, yellow, green
Gallium (iii) phosphate arsenideGaAsPRed, orange, yellow

Gallium phosphide Selenium zinc

indium gallium nitride silicon carbide

GaP ZnSe InGaN SiCRed, yellow, green
Gallium nitride (Gan)
Green, emerald, blue
Indium Gallium NitrideInganNear Ultraviolet, bluish green, blue
Silicon carbide (used as substrate)SicBlue
Silicon (used as the substrate)SiBlue
Sapphire (used as a substrate)Al2O3Blue
Zinc selenideZnseBlue
Aluminum nitride, gallium nitrideAlN AlGaNUltraviolet light with a wavelength of far to near

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